Best Tips To Treat Vocals In Fabfilter


In the field of vocal production, it is important to keep in mind that you can’t get good results unless you have the right tools to treat vocals perfectly. If you have stepped into the world of vocal production but have not yet been able to achieve the best results with the help of software tools, the tips and tricks below will help you achieve the desired result.

In the eyes of professionals, one of the best vocal editing software tools is FabFilter. FabFilter is a complete collection of vocal-mastering plug-ins.

FabFilter is used by a number of professionals in order to master vocals. From EQ to Compression, you will find this tool perfect for various purposes in the world of vocal production. If you are searching for the tips to get professional-sounding vocals, the tips below will work for you.

Fabfilter Pro Q

FabFilter Pro Q is a plug-in that is a part of a collection of FabFilter plug-ins. FabFilter Pro Q is used in order to add smoothness to vocals. If vocals sound harsh, you can take advantage of this great plug-in. In order to understand better what parts of vocals are affected, you can take a look at the waves rising on the screen. It displays harsh sound as waves. You will see unwanted frequencies rising on the graph on software; it means that there are some problems related to vocals. You can repair the harsh vocals using the ready-made presets available on the software. If you want, you can use knobs to apply EQ to vocals properly. FabFilter Pro Q is an excellent plug-in that is used for treating harsh vocals.

FabFilter Pro C

Treating vocals is not a child’s play. Vocals have various types of problems that only professionals can better understand. For those who want to EQ each instrument in a proper way, FabFilter Pro C may be a good option for them. It offers various useful options such as Sidechain, and lets you duck music. Both Pro Q and Pro C have good options to control EQ and Sidechain controls. FabFilter Pro C is a good plug-in that works great in order to duck voice. It comes with various ready-made presets. You can use the ready-made presets available.

FabFilter Timeless

FabFilter Timeless lets you add effects to your voice and makes it perfect. With the help of this plug-in, you can add effects such as Tremolo and Amp Sin. If you are on the hunt for the best classic effects to add to your voice, FabFilter Timeless may perfectly suit your choice. Many other effects, such as Chorus and Flanger, can be added to vocals with the help of FabFilter Timeless.

FabFilter Volcano 2

FabFilter Volcano 2 is the choice of many people in the world of vocal production. You can add delay to vocals and improve the bad frequency of an audio track. It comes with Modulation. This plug-in lets you make filter sweeps; in addition to it, you can add Synth-like filter sweeps. FabFilter Volcano 2 is a feature-rich plug-in that is used by a number of professionals. The more skilled you are in mastering vocals, the better the results will be.

Fabfilter allows you to have fun while sound designing. The tips and tricks mentioned above will be of further help.


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