How Do You Host A Party On A Budget? Here Are Some Hacks!

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Everyone loves to enjoy a good office party. Whether it is to celebrate a success at work, or to extend thanks for all the hard work your team has contributed, throwing a party shows your appreciation. But, how can you host the best party on a budget? It is quite easy! All you need is food, retro jukebox hire in Sydney for music, booze and entertainment to help get your employees rock on the dance floor throughout the night.

Reception Party

Formal receptions are parties that are designed to receive a large number of guests, often at prestigious venues such as Buckingham Palace, the White House or Government Houses of the British Empire and Commonwealth. The hosts and any guests of honor form a receiving line in order of precedence near the entrance. Each guest is announced to the host who greets each one in turn as he or she arrives. Each guest properly speaks little more than his name (if necessary) and a conventional greeting or congratulation to each person in the receiving line. In this way, the line of guests progresses steadily without unnecessary delay. After formally receiving each guest in this fashion, the hosts may mingle with the guests.

Somewhat less formal receptions are common in academic settings, sometimes to honor a guest lecturer, or to celebrate a special occasion such as retirement of a respected member of staff. Receptions are also common in symposium or academic conference settings, as an environment for attendees to mingle and interact informally. These gatherings may be accompanied by a sit-down dinner, or more commonly, a stand-up informal buffet meal.

Receptions are also held to celebrate exhibition openings at art galleries or museums. The featured artist or artists are often present, as well as the curators who organized the exhibition. In addition or instead, a celebratory reception may be held partway through or at the end of an exhibition run. This alternative scheduling allows guests more time to see the exhibition in depth at their own pace, before meeting the featured guests. Some food is often served, as in academic gatherings.

Refreshments at a reception may be as minimal, such as coffee or lemonade, or as elaborate as those at a state dinner.


If you need help with organising the best party, take a look at the following ways to throw a party on a budget that will make all your employees will keep talking about and look forward to the next party.


Music is the key to create a fantastic party.

It would turn even good, when you have a great playlist. For most people, selecting the right playlist can be a stressful task, because some guests would prefer decade music, while others might love the current melodies. It is hard to keep everyone satisfied. Sydney retro jukebox hire takes the difficult task of setting up the music, and all you need is a suitable location with a plug socket, and you are ready to go with it. As the jukebox is interactive in nature, the guests can choose their own must and take rock the dance floor with their favourite songs. Nowadays, retro jukebox hire Sydney prices are available in wallet-friendly budgets, so you don’t have to worry spending more for the music.


You will have to get the best food choices to fuel a night full of dancing and fun. Get the help of a catering service to deliver the best-tasting dishes. Have some food options for the vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free too, so that everyone remains happy with the food.

Pool Table

Keeping your guests entertained is a must for your party. Not every guest will enjoy listening to music and dancing. For these types of guests, you can hire a Pool table at a reasonable cost, and arrange for entertainment. It doesn’t matter if all the employees can play, because when time passes by, booze will take over.


A party is incomplete without alcohol. Whatever may be the reason that you are celebrating, alcohol is a must-have for the party. So, order enough to get your employees merry. But, make sure that everyone has something they like, so get some mixers like fizzy drinks and fruit juices. Make sure that your employees reach home safely after the booze!

Throwing the best office party doesn’t have to break the bank! Simply get some music, food and, engaging entertainment activities that everyone will love, and your party will be a hit!

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